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My Team Scoop
Immediate Notifications Made For Mobile
Communicate to all team members with one click
Send alerts from phone for last minute changes and cancellations
Keep everyone in the loop without having to manage their contact information
Calendar of Events
Add your game schedule, practices, or other team events to the calendar. Members can be notified when new events are created, rescheduled, or canceled.
Password Protected
Stay in control of who sees what. As the coach, you can make team information available to anyone or keep it private.
Game Results
Eliminate those piles of result sheets by storing it all in one place through My Team Scoop. Record wins, losses, and summaries for members to read and review.
Team Roster
Save time and paper through e-rosters! You can easily key in your team member information or let members do it themselves when they register. You pick the information needed to complete the roster, like age, phone number, position, and number. A list is available in a downloadable and printable format for yourself and members.
Minimize Paperwork
Tired of printing flyers and info sheets, only to find them left behind? Communicate directly to those who need to be in the know. All paperwork, such as your team schedule, release forms, and any other handouts your team may need can be uploaded to My Team Scoop. From you team page, members can view and print these documents at their convenience.
Share Photos
Create an online photo album of your team by tagging pictures to events. Let your fans and parents upload photos too!